Firebase Orion
Vital statistics
Map Used Modified Forge World
Location Reach
Inhabitants Strike-team Orion
UNSC Presence? No
Firebase Orion is the home of Strike-team Orion.

Contents Edit

Board Room Edit

As the only room on the second floor, the board room is where the team goes to receive their new orders.

Garage Edit

Directly under the board room, the garage contains all the vehicles Orion would need.

Sitting Room Edit

Nothing much, the sitting room contains a radio and a few chairs.

Lab Edit

The most techonology in the base can be found in the lab. From monitors the size of soldiers to giant industrial generators, the lab contains it all.

Game Room (Not Seen) Edit

The game room was only mentioned once, by Butcher. It has no physical appearances.

Appearances Edit

Firebase Orion makes many appearances in Orion, including:

  • Episode 3: Firebase
  • Episode 5: Welcome to Orion
  • Episode 6: Covenant
  • Episode 7: Sword
  • Episode 8: Classified
  • Episode 11: Embark
  • Episode 13: Package Secured
  • Episode 14: "O" Variant Part I
  • Episode 15: "O" Variant Part II
  • Episode 16: "O" Variant Part III
  • Episode 18: Core
  • Episode 20: Smash And Grab Part I
  • Episode 24: Smash And Grab Part V
  • Episode 34: Last Stand Part II

Trivia Edit

  • The base is located within the cave between the coastline and the canyon.