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Frank Del'Rio
Vital statistics
Position Non-militant
Status Active
Physical attributes
Armor Color(s) Steel, Rust

Silver, Rust (Formerly)

Age Classified
Height Classified
Weight Classified

Weapons DMR


Armor Abilities Active Camouflage


Frank Del'Rio, also known as Rio or Vector 4, is the newest member of Strike-team Orion. Originally part of Strike-team Vector, Rio was transferred to Orion to help them complete their missions successfully. His father is Doctor Del'Rio. He is played by KingOfYou115.

Background Edit

Early Career Edit

Equipment Edit

Rio has had two armor variants, one for Vector and one for Orion.

Vector Variant Edit

  • Helmet: CQC UA/HUL
  • Shoulder Pads: HAZOP (Left), Recon (Right)
  • Body:
  • Wrist Armor: Tactical/TacPad
  • Utility: Tactical/Hard Case
  • Knee Armor: Default
  • Visor Color: Default
  • Armor Color: Silver, Rust

Orion Variant Edit

  • Helmet: CQC
  • Shoulder Pads: HAZOP (Left), Recon (Right)
  • Chestplate: Default
  • Wrist Armor: Default
  • Utility: Default
  • Knee Armor: Default
  • Visor Color: Default
  • Armor Color: Steel, Rust

Trivia Edit

  • When Rio switches his color scheme to match that of Orion's, he also lost his TacPad, leg pouch, chest pouches, and helmet attachments. This is because it belonged to Vector, not Rio, and they wanted it back. Rio managed to keep the active camouflage unit, however.