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Matthew Jones
Vital statistics
Position Non-militant
Status Active
Physical attributes
Armor Color(s) Black, Green
Age Classified, Presumed Late-Teens
Height Classified
Weight Classified

Weapons Sniper Rifle


Armor Abilities Sprint

Matthew Jones is the primary sniper and main driver of Strike-team Orion. He is friends with Peter Smith. He is played by Epicsalsa2000.

Background Edit

Early Career Edit

Jones became friends with Smith in grade school. After graduating high school, Smith decided to help the Insurrection. Smith started smuggling gear with an unidentified Parabola-Class Freighter. Jones followed Smith and they worked together aboard the ship. After a year of working on the freighter, a mysterious transmission was sent to Jones. It was an invite from the Colonel to join Strike-Team Orion. Jones and Smith soon agree and begin training. Both of them aced the sniping portion, and Jones made a great driver. They then met Butcher in New Alexandria, where they were supplied with sniper rifles.

Late Career Edit

Jones and Smith were tasked with eliminating the driver of and stealing an experimental Warthog Variant, the M15 ARV. After successfully capturing the M15, Smith accidentally jeopardizes the mission by giving their plan away to the UNSC. After crashing the M15, they were evacuated from New Alexandria by the Colonel in a Falcon. Butcher was knocked out in the crash, but woke up on the ride to the new Firebase Orion.