Orion is a machinima series writen and produced by KingOfYou115. It is a rewrite of events in the Halo universe from the view of an Insurrectionist team called Strike-team Orion. All events of the series can exist within the Halo universe, however this series is non-canon. It takes place on the planet Reach, and starts just before the Covenant Invasion. The show is five seasons long.

Trivia Edit

  • Orion officially started production on April 24, 2015, however videos were not being uploaded for quite some time afterwards.
  • Every episode was recorded with the Orion Modded Gametype, even if the scene could have existed without the mod.
  • The mod allowed the Troop Transport Warthogs, the M15 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, the Data Cores, the M6 G/GNR[O], the Flak Shade, the Falcons, and extra people in scenes that already contain 16 people.